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Our Projects

Custom Closets, Kitchen Design, and Innovative Decorative Unites

Customized closets, kitchen designing, and creative decorative units designing for your wall, understairs area, or tv unit. These are the three major services that TASAWER company offers.
Our process includes assessing the needs of the individual and then customizing them accordingly to their needs

Custom Closets

Luxurious Custom-Built Closets of Your Dreams

Having a custom-made closet that matches your personality and lifestyle, with all your clothes, accessories, and shoes in one place. Tasawer brings this to reality for you.

Tasawer offers a wide range of luxurious custom-built closets with unique European styles for homes of all styles and sizes from apartments to mansions. With its variety of door types (Sliding door closets, Hinge's door closets, and Walk-in closets ), sized built-ins, and accessories, there's always a perfect closet for you.

Building Ideal Custom Closets Organizers

Customize the size, type of door, and color to match the décor of your home. Get the perfect organizational system with Tasawer. All our closets are custom-made to match your needs and you can even add extra features like shoe racks or special storage compartments.
With fast delivery, and a convenient installation process

Kitchen Cabinets Designing & Kitchen Design Floor Plans

Designing Your Dream Kitchen Becomes a Reality

Tasawer helps in transforming kitchens from being outdated to modern ones with new designs and appliances.
Tasawer offers high-quality services when it comes to designing your dream kitchen. We aim to make it easy for you to achieve the desired look and feel of your home, by helping you decide on the best materials, colors, shapes, and styles for your space.

Turn Creativity Into Reality with Tasawer

At Tasawer, we believe that creativity should turn into reality. That is why we are committed to helping you turn your dream kitchen into a reality with solutions that fit all your needs in terms of materials, colors, shapes, and styles for your space. By combining quality and creativity together, we guarantee you perfection!

Kitchen Cabinets Designing

Tasawer always cares about details in your kitchen to provide inspiration that matches your taste whether you like a Modern kitchen or a neo-classic kitchen. Design your kitchen cabinets with Tasawer.

Decorative Units

A World of Creative Decorative Units and Design Ideas.
Do you need more storage space?

Need to hide the clutter? Or maybe you're looking for something more stylish than a TV stand or understairs unit? Well, come to Tasawer. We offer Decorative units designing which include customized TV units, wall units, and understairs units. These customized pieces can be made according to one's requirement of space or size as well as a design preference.

Designs Tailored to your Needs

We believe that every home is different and that's why we have such a diverse range of products for you to choose from. From TV unit designs and wall cladding units to understairs units - Tasawer has it all! And if you're still not sure what you need, we have experts on hand ready to help with any questions or queries.